Feb 13, 2011

Where to start...

There's so much to catch you up on.  I've been bantering around the idea of creating a blog for a few years.  Whenever I tell someone what I do in my "spare" time, I get all the typical questions: isn't that stressful? How do you find time?  How much does that cost? Do you have a contractor I can use? 

So I thought a blog could be self-serving in all the same ways a diary might be.  And I'm juuust vain enough to think that people might find my experiences somewhat...entertaining?  Informative.  Maybe both.

Some background to create a baseline.  I have a huge love for interior design, but that's not what I "do."  My real job is in digital marketing.  The advertising side of my job speaks to my love for design, and my account management responsibilities speaks to the business side of my renovations.  I often say they're the same job, except one delivers is a website and the other a house.  Both require strategy, architecture, designs, building, project management and marketing.

My love for interior design started when I was very young, but that's a story for another day.  The first place I redesigned was my first condo, which I bought in 2004 in Victoria, BC.  I then moved to Toronto in 2005, met my husband, and we have been renovating here ever since.  Fast-forward through a downtown hard-loft, a detached house near the beach, a semi-detached in Riverdale and currently a house at Mt Pleasant and Lawrence, and that pretty much brings you up to speed.  Don't freak out, I'll recap each of these houses later...

As the scale of our renovations increased, my love for interior design turned into space planning, then into building.  I don't consider myself a pro, but we've done fairly well. My intent for the blog is to share a little about good design, soft and hard renos, working with contractors, DIY stuff and other random things I'd like to comment on.  We'll just see what this morphs into.

I'm going to dive in pretty quick to where we're at today with our current house: Snowdon.  It's mid-renovation, so I'll be jumping around a bit.  That's about it for tonight!  Thanks for visiting.


  1. Back pats x 3!!!

    Tres bien!

    Move over Jeff Lewis!

  2. Please don't upset Jeff Lewis. He may cause it to rain for weeks. Or worse: creating a global shortage of calcutta marble.

    Damn him...